About us mainImage Galleon Blue helps companies improve their top and bottom line by optimising the performance of their brands and marketing. We look at brands, marketing and customer management from a strictly commercial perspective, and use a combination of creative thinking and rigorous analysis to:
  • Identify and exploit opportunities for rationalisation and growth
    We can help you understand which products, brands and target markets will make you money – and which will not. And we’ll find customer-focused ways to increase your value, whether through top-line sales growth, bottom-line margins or return on investment.
  • Generate break-through ideas for your business
    We’ll look at your business from new, interesting and sometimes provocative angles, help rethink your value chain or position in the market – and create fresh approaches in the light of political, economic, social, technological, environmental and cultural changes.
  • Make the business case for investment
    We can demonstrate the commercial benefits of putting time and money into your market, brands and customers.

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